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Access telehealth and online scheduling services powered by BetterAccess

Provide a better patient experience with BetterHealthcare's HIPAA-compliant telehealth and online scheduling platform: BetterAccess. Schedule a no-obligation, free demo to learn more

Redefining access to care with virtual care from BetterHealthcare

BetterHealthcare, a prominent patient communication and access innovator, provides Clinicient’s EMR with BetterAccess, a best-in-class, secure telehealth platform and online patient scheduling tool for outpatient rehab therapy organizations. 

The partnership enables providers to offer patients the option to conveniently and efficiently schedule appointments based on how they would like to receive care: in-person, virtually, or on-demand. Leveraging this seamlessly integrated solution, organizations provide a frictionless patient-provider experience, improving patient conversions and care outcomes, all while reducing clinic costs.

Convenient online scheduling for patients, better patient management for you

Bring greater ease and efficiency to the way you connect and communicate with patients.

  • 24/7 access to online self-scheduling via trackable link or QR code.
  • Patients can schedule either in-clinic or virtual in-home appointments online.
  • Qualify patients with a customizable booking flow.
  • Automated email and text appointment reminders with the ability to view upcoming, completed, and canceled appointments.

Streamline the patient check-in process

With bi-directional data integration, any new appointment a patient creates through the BetterAccess online scheduler will automatically sync within the clinic’s EMR system. No more worrying about double-booked time slots or duplicate appointments. Clinics will simply need to verify the time and patient’s demographic information before they arrive for their virtual or in-person appointment.

Give your patients a secure, easy-to-use telehealth experience

Facilitate patient care based on how they want to receive care with secure, HIPAA-compliant telehealth services powered by BetterAccess. 

  • Native web and in-app video appointments are accessible on mobile or desktop devices.
  • High quality video is adaptive to the patient’s internet connection.
  • Automatic screen rotation ensures correct orientation of images for the patient.
  • Patients can conduct a pre-call audio, video, and bandwidth test before joining.
  • Screen-sharing and demonstration modes offer an enhanced experience with exercises, treatment images, or demonstration videos.

Improve outcomes, reduce no-shows, and deliver exceptional patient experiences

Keeping patients on track and in touch has never been easier. Harness the BetterAccess online scheduling and telehealth platform to provide in-person and remote outpatient rehab therapy services to your patients based on how they want to receive care.

  • Easy, streamlined scheduling automatically syncs within Clinicient’s EMR, reducing the risk of scheduling errors and the amount of time required to verify, book, and contact patients for appointments.
  • Automated appointment reminders reduce no-shows and help patients follow their plan of care.
  • User-friendly, intuitive platform improves patient access to treatment throughout their course of care.
  • Seamless integration of BetterAccess and Clinicient’s EMR platform offers your patients a streamlined telehealth and online scheduling service, improving patient communication and their experience.

Learn more about the future of telehealth, the benefits of virtual visits, and our detailed telehealth implementation process in our free white paper.

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