Patient waving to therapist during telehealth call.
Provide a better patient experience powered by BetterPT.

Providing HIPAA compliant telehealth services and streamlined scheduling has never been easier. Learn what the Insight Platform and BetterPT can do for your organization.

It's never been easier to make a great impression.

Through our partnership with BetterPT, the Insight platform now makes it easy to offer your patients secure telehealth services and convenient online patient scheduling.

BetterPT, a prominent patient communication, and access innovator enables Clinicient to provide a mobile patient platform and innovative scheduling tool that allows providers to deliver exceptional patient experiences, improve outcomes and reduce costs, all in one integrated solution.

Convenient online scheduling for patients, better inbound patient management for you.

Bring greater ease and efficiency to the way you connect and communicate with patients.

  • Intuitive software allows easy patient access across web and mobile devices
  • Scheduling for in-clinic, virtual and in-home appointments
  • Appointment reminders through email and text with the ability to view upcoming, completed and canceled appointments
  • Patients can request an appointment 24/7 by location: in-clinic and/or telehealth appointments

Give your patients a better telehealth experience.

Keeping in touch with patients is easy and secure with HIPAA compliant telehealth conferencing powered by BetterPT.

  • Video capability to allow patients to connect seamlessly from a desktop or mobile device
  • Quality video that adapts based on connectivity
  • Automatic screen rotation ensures correct orientation of images
  • Digital waiting rooms
  • Pre-call audio, video, and bandwidth test
  • Screen share to enhance session with exercise or treatment images and video

Improve outcomes, reduce no-shows, and deliver exceptional patient experiences.

Keeping patients on track and in touch has never been easier with BetterPT telehealth and online scheduling services.

  • Easy, streamlined scheduling reduces the number of phone calls and the amount of time required to schedule appointments
  • Automated appointment reminders reduce no-shows and help patients to follow their plan of care
  • User-friendly, intuitive apps improve patient access throughout their course of care
  • Seamless integration of BetterPT and Clinicient’s Insight platform makes it easy to offer your patients telehealth services and makes it easier for you to keep in touch with patients