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Fine-tuned practice management from patient to payment.

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Physical therapy practice management software that's easy and efficient

You became a therapist because you love to help people. You opened your practice because you value independence and wanted to improve lives. And now practice management headaches have you overwhelmed and wondering how to simplify and take back control. With Clinicient's therapy management software, Insight, you can take busywork off your plate, enjoy financial security, focus your team on what matters - and get back to spending more time with patients and doing the work you love.

Enjoy transparent, simple and secure information access.

Each minute spent chasing down information, re-entering data or shuffling paper is a minute away from patients or growing your business. End the elusive hunt for answers with easy to access practice data when, where and how you need it.

  • One patient record for scheduling, documentation and billing
  • EMR/billing data in one place ends error-prone, double data-entry
  • 360 degree visibility into practice operational data
  • Performance analysis against clinic benchmarks

Bring greater ease and efficiency to how you work.

From initial referral, scheduling and registration to treatment, billing and beyond, Clinicient Insight delivers easy and efficient tools to help streamline practice workflow and focus your team so nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Interactive worklists for front desk, therapists and managers
  • Prioritized alerts and notifications on urgent items
  • Case tracking from referral to discharge
  • Key performance indicators give visibility into performance by location, payer and therapist

Breakdown barriers and prevent bottlenecks.

Together, your team can do its best work. Empower them to collaborate and communicate more effectively with a simple and efficient EMR practice management system that break down the barriers between your practice staff and enhance communications with patients, physicians and payers.

  • Real-time view of clinical, patient and claims issues impacting results
  • Notifications of patients and claims missing information
  • Referral tracking, management and reporting
  • Professional, customizable letter and report templates

Get paid fuller, faster and with less work.

Our all-in-one therapy practice management software gives you EMR and billing tools that remove work and inject knowledge into your revenue cycle processes.

  • Point of service tools alert front desk to collect co-pays and patient balances
  • Streamlined workflow tools guide therapists through complete, compliant documentation
  • All therapists' billable time is captured automatically
  • Charge verification before submission, preventing issues that lead to denials
  • Automated claims processing to get you paid fast

Do your best work with efficient, connected clinical and financial tools.

Therapy Practice Management Software to Run Thriving Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy Practices