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Actionable insights so you’re not running your practice blind.

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Take control with unparalleled EMR reporting software.

In today's climate, relying on your hunches to run an independent practice isn't enough. You need real visibility, insight and actionable data to understand practice performance,  manage your revenue cycle and meet your business goals. That's where Clinicient Insight customizable management and reporting EMR software can give you a clear business advantage.

Get fast, easy reporting and intelligence in one place.

With clinical and financial data in one place, you're able to gain unparalleled visibility and the insight to quickly seize opportunities, address potential problems and minimize practice risks.

  • Complete view of patient and billing data
  • Interactive reports and dashboards put critical metrics at your fingertips
  • Analytics prevent documentation and billing glitches
  • Single system makes measuring clinical and financial results a breeze

Stay on top of what matters.

Easy and efficient dashboards, task management tools and EMR reporting keep your team focused on what matters most - delivering a great patient experience and improving clinical and financial outcomes.

  • Critical issues reports for front desk, therapists and management
  • Prioritized task lists alert staff on urgent items needing attention
  • Case tracking from referral to discharge
  • Key performance indicators give visibility into performance by location, payer and therapist

Take informed action fast with advanced analytics and EMR reporting.

Interactive drill-down reports and dashboards track critical metrics against practice benchmarks, empowering you with the insight needed to quickly take action on patient accounts, therapist efficiency, A/R and more. Together with interactive reports, predictive analytics help you uncover historical patterns you can use to inform future decisions that will impact your patients, your people and your profits.

  • Real-time view of issues impacting results
  • Drill down details help identify root cause
  • KPIs and benchmarks monitor how you're performing towards business objectives
  • Predictive analytics help identify trends and drive decision-making
Dwayne Moore San Francisco Sport and Spine Physical Therapy
I pull up the screen, run my reports. I have a way to direct my staff and say, 'Okay, you need to do this, this and this.' It's easy. Dwayne MooreSan Francisco Sport and Spine

Drive better performance with the most advanced therapy EMR reporting.

Don't just compile data, let it be your guide. With Clinicient Insight EMR reporting you have easy access to the objective data and business intelligence needed to coach your team on what's working, what's not and what needs to be done to improve. It's a surefire way to empower your team to make decisions and perform at the top of their game.

  • Powerful reporting for building predictive analytics
  • Insight to prevent or correct errors upfront
  • Transparent metrics for real-time coaching
  • Dataflow visibility from intake to last dollar collected

Do your best work with efficient, connected clinical and financial tools.

Advanced Reporting EMR Software to Run Thriving Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy Practices