EMR Reporting

  • Physcial Therapy Rehab Practice Office manager comments on billing software.

    It was an enormous task to get the kind of reporting I get out of Clinicient now out of my own software. It's helped me focus on being a leader as opposed to focusing on getting the data.

    Dwayne Moore San Francisco Sport & Spine, CA
  • Physical Therapy EMR Software and Billing Services

    I'm also impressed that they're not just providing reports but they're actually trying to put the knowledge behind the reports.

    John Woolf ProActive Physical Therapy, AZ
  • Clinicient University Teaches Outpatient Therapy Owners

    I know that Clinicient is keeping an eye on everything: how things are going, how things are running, how this month looks compared to last month.

    Georgia Sports Physical Therapy Atlanta, GA

Information, so you’re not running your practice blind.

Precisely track and measure your outpatient physical therapy practice performance using Clinicient’s customizable, web-based management and reporting EMR software. Our single system for EMR and billing and interactive reports allow you to easily:

  • Track and analyze performance across key metrics and industry benchmarks
  • Catch issues and understand the root cause performance is impacted
  • Make better decisions and drive performance across your business

With this unparalleled view into your practice health, we help you manage change, increase revenue, decrease administrative costs and minimize the time to payment.

Dwayne Moore San Francisco Sport and Spine Physical Therapy

I pull up the screen, run my reports. I have a way to direct my staff and say, "Okay, you need to do this, this and this." It's easy.

Dwayne MooreSan Francisco Sport and Spine

Reporting Capability Highlights

With our configurable reporting tools and data, you’ll gain unparalleled visibility and actionable insight to understand where you’ve been and forecast where you’re going.

Tracking for Greater Control
  • Critical issues reports for front desk, therapists and management
  • Task lists present urgent items that need attention
  • Track cases from referral to discharge
  • Track KPIs by location, payer and therapist
Gain Complete Visibility and Insight
  • 360 degree view of patient and billing data
  • Interactive reports and dashboards give insight
  • Prevent documentation and billing glitches
  • Coach Performance with Data
Analyze key performance indicators
  • Alert and focus on issues that need attention
  • Show performance against industry benchmarks
  • Drives better decisions and outcomes
Take Informed Action Fast
  • Real-time view into issues impacting results
  • Drill down details for root causes
  • Coaching tools to train your team

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Therapist Discusses Billing and EMR Software

With the data that is available to us through Total INSIGHT we already have seen an objective improvement in our business.

Jason WamboldAgape Physical Therapy