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Happy patients and a healthy practice start with scheduling and the front desk.

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Therapy scheduling software to make a great impression the first time and every time.

Your front desk is a patient’s first experience with your practice and the key to collecting vital patient information that therapists and billing staff depend upon downstream to deliver quality patient care and ensure you receive proper payment. Our  therapy management software puts everything your front desk staff needs right at their fingertips to quickly serve and engage patients from scheduling therapy appointments and managing patient accounts, to following insurance changes and collecting co-pays. It’s occupational therapy scheduling software, physical therapy scheduling software and speech therapy scheduling software proven to keep your therapy practice communicating, on task and on track.

Work better together with physical therapy scheduling software.

Built-in workflow tools bring greater ease and efficiency to the way you connect, collaborate and communicate across your practice.

  • Seamless scheduling, documentation and billing
  • Prioritized task management tools
  • Streamlined and clear team communications
  • Tracking, reporting and scheduling management tools

Make registration and patient balance collection easy.

Everything is in a single view to quickly capture the information needed to create a great patient experience, efficiently manage schedules and get you paid all you've earned.

  • Registration task lists, alerts and notifications
  • Team-based, multi-discipline scheduling
  • Insurance scanning and tracking
  • Built-in cash register for co-pay and patient balance collection at time of service

Keep therapists' schedules full with intuitive tools.

Easy scheduling tools enable your front desk to ensure your therapists' schedules are booked - preventing lost opportunities to treat patients who need timely care as well as lost revenue from underutilized therapists.

  • Easy scheduling of single or multiple appointments, therapists and clinics
  • Automatic recurring appointment scheduling
  • Drag and drop conflict management and appointment rescheduling
  • Automatic email and text appointment reminders

Reduce cancellations and no-shows.

Just a few no-shows per week will cost your practice tens, or even hundreds, of thousands of dollars every year. Be proactive and prevent potential lost revenue from unfilled gaps in therapists' schedules.

  • Intuitive tools let you schedule ahead to keep therapists' schedules full
  • Alerts let you fill cancellations fast
  • Automatic email and text appointment reminders
  • Cancellation and no-show tracking by patient or therapist

Do your best work with efficient, connected clinical and financial tools.

Speech, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy Scheduling Software for a More Efficient, Patient-centric Practice