Customizable documentation that's fast, easy and defensible.

Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy Documentation Software

A recent study shows that therapists using Clinicient INSIGHT are able to complete therapy documentation 30% faster. And for good reason. INSIGHT was designed by therapists, for therapists, so it works the way you do, making documentation fast and easy.

INSIGHT is complete and customizable to make the necessary task of clinical documentation bearable with intuitive tools that enable you to easily:

  • Create defensible documentation that tells a story
  • Track patient outcomes and demonstrate progress
  • Communicate professional results to physicians
  • Demonstrate treatment value to patients, physicians and payers
  • Simplify compliance to Medicare and payer rules

And best of all, it’s designed to meet the specific demands for physical therapy documentation, occupational therapy documentation and speech therapy documentation— freeing up time for patient care and things that make you happy. And that’s why you became a therapist in the first place.

Therapist Documentation Infographic

75% of therapists report clinical documentation is their least favorite activity.

Documentation Capability Highlights

Clinicient’s EMR and clinical documentation software is designed for the way therapists work and think, with intuitive charting, automated processes and reporting tools that keep you connected and won’t slow you down.

Flexible for the Way You Work
  • Large customizable content library
  • Customizable treatment and measurement protocols
  • Customizable clinical reports and surveys
Document Efficiently On-the-Fly
  • Web-based for anytime, anywhere access
  • Cockpit design–all information at your finger tips
  • Point and click charting at the point of care
Demonstrate Progress with Ease
  • Embedded plan of care in initial evaluations
  • Progress reporting tracking and alerts
  • Prompts to define and track clinical goals and outcomes
  • Quickly update goals and create progress notes
Simplify Compliance
  • Automated, system-driven compliance controls
  • Built-in solutions for FLR, PQRS, MMR and therapy caps
  • Automated charge capture at sign-off applies CCI edits
  • Claim scrubbing ensures compliance before submission
  • Electronic signatures
Get Paid What You've Earned
  • Single system so claim & documentation match
  • Automated capture of all billable time
  • Notification of payer specific requirements before signoff
  • Paperless charge ticket created at signoff and pushed to billing
Communicate Results Professionally
  • Customizable letter templates
  • Flexible report formats to fit your audience
  • Free faxing of clinical reports at signoff
DeCoste Physical Therapist

With Clinicient, everything is customizable. Although we haven't had to customize that much because the program has been that good which has been awesome.

Lisa DeCostePerformance Physical Therapy