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Hospital EHR constraining your outpatient rehab department?

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Therapy-specific EMR software designed for all the ways hospital outpatient rehabilitation departments want to work

Feeling frustrated and constrained juggling administrative tasks and patient care because you’re forced to use a general medical EHR never developed with therapists in mind? Clinicient INSIGHT can help. Designed for PT, OT and SLP, it enables therapists to focus on patients, work more efficiently, document more accurately and help boost revenues of your outpatient rehab department.

Document without feeling like a square peg in a round hole.

Unlike general Medical EHRs, Clinicient Insight is designed for and by therapists to meet your unique scheduling, workflow and documentation needs, enabling them to stay connected to patients and still quickly document what's needed for payment and compliance.

  • Therapy-specific appointment and equipment scheduling
  • Chart templates and large customizable content library
  • Plan of care, progress notes, discharge summaries
  • Therapy-specific, efficient workflow tools

Simplify Medicare reporting and minimize compliance risk.

Built-in Medicare compliance tools help take the guesswork out of Medicare compliance requirements for PT, OT and SLP and minimize audit risk and denied payments.

  • Automated Medicare prompts, alerts and tracking
  • Goal tracking and progress reporting
  • FLR and quality measure tracking and reporting
  • Ongoing education on Medicare rules and best practices

Realize more revenue from your outpatient therapy departments.

Therapy-specific charge capture and billing rules reduce potential errors and maximize reimbursement while helping therapists remain compliant.

  • Automated capture of all billable time
  • Notification of payer specific requirements before signoff
  • Paperless charge ticket automatically created at signoff and pushed to your integrated billing queue
DeCoste Physical Therapist
With Clinicient, everything is customizable. Although we haven't had to customize that much because the program has been that good which has been awesome. Lisa DeCostePerformance Physical Therapy

Share information seamlessly with your existing hospital EHR.

We make it easy, partnering with industry-leading experts to interface with your main hospital EHR, EMR or practice management system.

  • HL-7 interface
  • Transfer patient demographic information, progress notes and charges
  • Epic, Cerner, NextGen, Centricity and more

Liberate your outpatient therapists today.

Top Rated Therapy-specific EMR for Hospital Outpatient Rehab Departments