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A customizable solution built on the best software in the industry.


Insight Platform: EMR Software, Scheduling, Billing & Collections

If you think the technology supporting your practice should work for you, and not the other way around, then you’re ready for Clinicient Insight. No more off-the-shelf EMR software. INSIGHT Electronic Medical Records and Billing is a single system created exclusively for outpatient rehab that populates data across both the clinical and financial functions of your practice. Something other so-called “integrated” products don’t do, resulting in costly time, entry error and denials. Starting with this solid foundation, Clinicient lets you create a customized solution that includes workflow automation and proven expert business coaching. Depending on the solution that’s right for you, Insight can remove up to two-thirds of the busywork that occupies your day, liberating you to spend more time with patients and less screen time with electronic medical records, billing systems, and office equipment displays.

Clinicient has the experience to actually get it done and do it better than you can. I didn't believe that a year and a half ago. I had to live it to understand it. Dwayne MooreSan Francisco Sport and Spine Physical Therapy

Available Practice Management Features

Single Unified System
  • Patient Registration and Scheduling
  • EMR / Clinical Documentation
  • A/R Management
  • Task Management
  • Medicare Alerts
  • Medicare Cap Tracking
  • ICD-10 Support
  • CCI Edits
  • Electronic Medical Billing and Clearinghouse Integration
  • Automated Electronic Billing (one click claims submittal)
  • Secure Interoffice Instant Messaging and Chat
  • Automated Visit Coding
  • Corrections Queue for Incomplete Claims
  • Electronic Eligibility Verification
  • Electronic Deposit
  • Payer Rules Engine
  • In-App Learning with Step-by-Step Guided Tutorials
Reporting and Data Analytics
  • Practice Analytics (8-page Monthly Report)
  • Clinical Reporting
  • Management Reporting
  • E-Visit Charge Codes
  • Direct link from Chart to Videoconferencing App
Services and Coaching
  • Monthly Client Executive Review
  • Manage and Monitor Accounts Receivable
  • Payer Follow-up, Denial Analysis and Claim Processing
  • Review and Respond to Payer Inquiries
  • Assistance in Preparation for Audits
  • Patient Statement Preparation and Mailing
  • Month-end Closing and Reconciliation
  • Identify Denial Trends
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Daily Charge and Claim Review


Jerry Henderson PT
If you have to log in to more than one software application, you don't have an integrated system. Jerry HendersonCo-founder of Clinicient