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Welcome to the faster, easier solution for rehab therapy documentation: InsightGO™


Greater clinic efficiency and care, with no additional cost

InsightGO is designed to help clinics increase efficiency and spend less time documenting, so therapists can spend more time with their patients. Clinics can save time and money with modern tools, a user-friendly interface, mobile device compatibility, and a HIPAA compliant documentation solution built into your existing Insight service.

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Simplicity, speed, and ease at your fingertips. Watch this 1-minute video for a quick summary of the key features you'll find in InsightGO.

Access InsightGO from most devices, wherever you're working

With InsightGO, therapists can easily document and access patient data on various devices, including Macs, PCs, iPads or Android tablets, and smartphones*. Our cloud-based web solution automatically syncs data within Insight, making the transition seamless between the exercise floor and the office.

Boost clinic efficiency with an enhanced practice management solution

InsightGO offers a more efficient interface and faster browsing speeds to help your team quickly find the details they need while they’re documenting, all in one place. And with modern tools like voice-to-text, therapists can cut time spent documenting by an estimated 20%*.

  • Save time with a simplified single source of patient information
    Take notes on the go, approve insurance and demographics with one click, and navigate between multiple patient charts simultaneously, including full chart histories, with our tabbed interface.
  • Experience a user-friendly design with enhanced technologies
    Gain the latest feature releases, faster browsing speeds, easily accessible telehealth options, and a more optimizable user experience with tools like voice-to-text and accessibility support.
  • Train new therapists quickly and maintain HIPAA compliance
    Access robust, built-in training tools to help therapists get the most out of InsightGO and maintain more accurate patient notes and HIPAA compliance by letting therapists document while on the exercise floor.
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Now you can document anywhere, anytime, with most devices*. Watch this 3-minute video, narrated by Jerry Henderson PT, for an overview of InsightGO.

Reduce clinic costs with a free, built-in web-based EMR solution

InsightGO is a free web-based expansion of your existing Insight service, with no additional implementation required. View and document patient data with a single login on whichever device you prefer. As your organization grows, equip your team with affordable technology like tablets or smartphones and access the same great Insight platform wherever you need it.

InsightGO is very easy to use and decreases the amount of time it takes me to document a note.

Amy Prose, PT, OCS, Director of Clinical Quality, Therapy Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can access InsightGO?

Any current users of our Insight platforms can access InsightGO with their existing credentials. Schedule a demo with our team to learn more about InsightGO or how to access it. You can also call us at 877.252.4774 or email us at

If your therapy organization is not currently using a Clinicient’s therapy EMR solution, please contact us to see a demo.

How much does InsightGO cost?

InsightGO is a free service for existing Insight platform users. No additional costs or implementation is required.

What operating systems and devices should I use for InsightGO?

InsightGO operates on most devices*, including Microsoft Surface Pro, iPad Pro tablets, Chromebooks, Android tablets or smartphones, iOS tablets or smartphones, and standard Windows and Mac laptops or computers. For larger tasks, like documenting evaluations, we recommend a device with an external keyboard and the latest system updates for optimal performance. Smartphones work well for simple tasks, like checking a therapist's schedule. For troubleshooting, support, or educational resources, visit our Clinicient Community portal.

*To learn more about device specifications, please contact our team at 1.877.252.4774.

Who on our team would get the most out of using InsightGO?

Many of InsightGO’s functions are intended to help the therapist streamline patient visits, without compromising on documentation accuracy and compliance. InsightGO also offers an internal chat feature for staff communications and an enhanced scheduling view for patient scheduling, with additional optimizations for clinic operations coming in the near future.

Learn how easy it is to move up to InsightGO. Request a free InsightGO demo today.