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Therapy practice management software designed for how you work

Occupational Therapy Practice Management & Scheduling Software

Your primary goal as an occupational therapist is helping people improve their ability to perform their daily tasks, whether they’re recovering from injuries or cognitive disabilities affecting their fine motor skills, emotions or behavior. Unfortunately, constantly moving regulatory and payment hoops combined with increased documentation and administrative requirements can take valuable time from working with patients to achieve this goal or to grow your practice. Total Insight can help you stay on track for clinical and financial success. With our unique combination of flexible occupational therapy management software, automation, services and coaching you can:

  • Create quality, compliant OT documentation fast
  • Ease your workload and run a more efficient practice
  • Get paid what you’re owed more quickly
  • Integrated occupational therapy scheduling software
And, as your partner we’re also here with insight and innovative solutions to help you adapt to future changes with payment reform. Not all occupational therapy practice management software is created equally. Request a demo to learn what makes Clinicient different. Request a demo

Designed for the way occupational therapists work

  • Simplify Documentation for Occupational Therapy

    Our Insight platform was specifically designed for and by therapists. Flexible occupational therapy documentation tools work how you do, so you can easily demonstrate quality care, meet payer reporting requirements and stay focused on helping your patients engage in the activities of daily life as seamlessly as possible.
    • Flexible, easy and customizable
    • Large content library for occupational therapy
    • Occupational therapy chart templates including general musculoskeletal evaluation, pediatric and industrial rehab
    • Supports any niche clinical specialty
  • Enjoy Greater Ease, Efficiency and Effectiveness

    Integrated workflow tools make the clinical and financial aspects of your practice work seamlessly including scheduling, documentation, billing and collections. Automation cuts down busy work and time-consuming manual processes, giving you more time for patients and other higher-value activities.
  • Improve Payment Speed and Enforce Compliance

    Our end-to-end Insight platform eliminates patient record and billing errors that often arise when data is shared across multiple applications. Documentation always matches what’s billed, dramatically improving claims processing speed and accuracy while minimizing compliance concerns.
  • Expert Guidance to Get Paid All You’re Owed

    Receive regular practice coaching from our clinical, billing and practice operations experts. They analyze practice performance using benchmarks and objective metrics, then work with you to fine-tune your operations for optimal clinical and financial success