Home Exercise Program Physical Therapy Patient
Save time with a video-based home exercise program.

Physical Therapy Home Exercise Program Software

When it comes to physical therapy home exercise programs, both therapists and patients can struggle. Therapists struggle to find the time to create effective home exercise programs for patients. Patients struggle to remember how to perform the exercises correctly at home. Clinicient’s home exercise program puts these struggles in the past. Clinicient integrates Physiotec™, a web-based physical therapy exercise program, into your note taking to make it simple to create professional exercise programs that patients can follow at home to boost their treatment outcomes.

Home Exercise Program Creation
  •  Integrates into therapist's note taking
  • 7,000+ pre-loaded physical therapy exercises
  •  Variety of specialty areas
  • Customize & use standard exercise protocols
  • Upload your own videos, pictures & drawings
Home Exercise Program Compliance
  • Patient home exercise web portal
  • Email patients a PDF of home exercise programs
  • Computer, tablet or smartphone access
  • Videos, pictures, drawings & instructions
  • Patients can view themselves doing exercises
Set up and Service
  • No risk, free two-month trial
  • Free set up support for patient portal
  • Web-based with no software to maintain
  • Secure and HIPAA compliant
  • Integrated with your website
Fast and Simple
  • 1000s of pre-loaded exercises
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Easy search
  • Save time explaining exercises in clinic
Better Patient Engagement
  • Easy to follow - patients love them
  • Gives anytime secure access
  • Fits your patients’ learning styles
  • Personalize for the patient
Save Time and Money
  • Free two-month trial – try before you buy
  • Save on paper, toner & printing costs
  • Free customer service
  • Less than an hour to set up