In an effort to provide Occupational Therapists with a guide to OT shorthand, we created a comprehensive guide to Occupational Therapy acronyms and abbreviations.

Common Occupational Therapy Abbreviations


ABD – Abduction
ACA – Anterior Cerebral Artery
ADD – Adduction
AD – Assistive Device
ADLs – Activities of Daily Living
AFO – Ankle Foot Orthosis
AKA – Above Knee Amputation
ALS – Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
AMA – Against Medical Advice
AROM – Active Range Of Motion
AAROM – Active Assistive Range Of Motion
AMA – Against Medical Advice
A/P – Anterior Posterior
A&O – Alert And Oriented


B – Bilateral
Bed Mob – Bed Mobility
BID – Twice Per Day
BKA – Below Knee Amputation
BOS – Base of Support
BP – Blood Pressure
BPM – Beats Per Minute


CABG – Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
CAD – Coronary Artery Disease
CGA – Contact Guard Assistance
CHF – Congestive Heart Failure
CMC – Carpometacarpal
CNS – Central Nervous System
C/O – Complains Of
Cont – Continue
COTA – Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
COPD – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
CP – Cerebral Palsy (or Cold Pack)
CPAP – Continuous Positive Airway Pressure
CPM – Continuous Passive Motion
CTS – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
CVA – Cerebral Vascular Accident
CX – Cancel


D/C – Discharge
DDD – Degenerative Disc Disease
DIP – Distal Interphalangeal Joint
DJD – Degenerative Joint Disease
DME – Durable Medical Equipment
DOB – Date Of Birth
DVT – Deep Vein Thrombosis
DX – Diagnosis
DM – Diabetes Mellitis


ECC, EKG – Electrocardiogram
EOB – Edge Of Bed
ETOH – Ethanol (Alcohol)
Eval – Evaluation


FES – Functional Electronic Stimulation
FOB – Foot Of Bed
F/U – Follow Up
FWB – Full Weight Bearing
Fx – Fracture


GCS – Glasgow Coma Scale
GERD – Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
GH – Glenohumeral
GI – Gastrointestinal
GSW – Gunshot Wound


H/A – Headache
Hemi – Hemiplegia or Hemiparesis
HEP – Home Exercise Program
HHA – Home Health Aide
HKAFO – Hip Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis
HNP – Herniated Nucleus Pulposus
H/O – History Of
HOB – Head Of Bed
H&P – History And Physical
HR – Heart Rate
HTN – Hypertension
HX – History


ICU – Intensive Care Unit
IDDM – Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus
I&O – Intake And Output
IR – Internal Rotation
ITB – Iliotibial Band
I/Indep – Independent


Jt – Joint


KAFO – Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis


L – Left
LB – Lower Body
LBP – Low Back Pain
LE – Lower Extremity/Extremities
LOS – Length Of Stay
LQ – Lower Quadrant
LTG – Long Term Goal
L/S – Lumbar Spine
LUE – Left Upper Extremity


Max – Maximum
Max A – Maximum Assistance
MCP – Metacarpophalangeal Joint
MHP – Moist Heat Pack
MI – Myocardial Infarction
Min A – Minimum Assistance
Mm. – Muscle
MMT – Manual Muscle Test
Mod A – Moderate Assistance
MRI – Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MRSA – Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
MTP – Metatarsophalangeal Joint
MVA – Motor Vehicle Accident


NBQC – Narrow Based Quad Cane
NG – Nasogastric
NIDDM – Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus
NICU – Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
NPO – Nothing By Mouth
N&V – Nausea And Vomiting
NVD – Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea
NWB – Non-Weight Bearing


O2 – Oxygen
OA – Osteoarthritis
OOB – Out Of Bed
OT – Occupational Therapy
OTA – Occupational Therapy Assistant


PA – Physician’s Assistant
PACU – Post-Anesthesia Care Unit
PD – Parkinson’s Disease
PE – Pulmonary Embolism
PF – Plantarflexion
PIP – Proximal Interphalangeal Joint
PMH – Past Medical History
PNF – Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation
POC – Plan Of Care
Post-Op – Postoperative
Pre-Op – Preoperative
PRN – As Needed
PROM – Passive Range Of Motion
Pt – Patient
PT – Physical Therapy, Physical Therapist
PTA – Physical Therapist Assistant
PVD – Peripheral Vascular Disease
PWB% – Partial Weight Bearing (With Percent)


Quad – Quadriceps


R – Right
RA – Rheumatoid Arthritis
RBC – Red Blood Cell/Count
Rehab. – Rehabilitation
Reps. – Repetitions
RLA – Rancho Los Amigo Scale
RLE – Right Lower Extremity
RN – Registered Nurse
R/O – Rule Out
ROM – Range Of Motion
RTC – Rotator Cuff
RUE – Right Upper Extremity
RW – Rolling Walker
Rx – Treatment


SBA – Standby Assist
SBQC – Small Base Quad Cane
Script – Prescription
SCI – Spinal Cord Injury
SICU – Surgical Intensive Care Unit
SLP – Speech-Language Pathology/Pathologist
SLPA – Speech-Language Pathology/Pathologist Assistant
SOB – Shortness Of Breath
S/P – Status Post
SPC – Single Point Cane
S/S – Signs And Symptoms
ST – Speech Therapy
STG – Short Term Goals
Sup – Supervision/Supervised (Level Of Assist)
SW – Standard Walker


T-Band – Theraband
TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury
TDWB – Touch Down Weight Bearing
TENS – Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator
THA – Total Hip Arthroplasty
THR – Total Hip Replacement
Therex – Therapeutic Exercise
TIA – Transient Ischemic Attack
TKA – Total Knee Arthoplasty
TKR – Total Knee Replacement
TLSO – Thoracolumbosacral Orthotic
TMJ – Temporomandibular Joint
T/S – Thoracic Spine
TTWB – Toe Touch Weight Bearing


UB – Upper Body
UBE – Upper Body Ergometer
UE – Upper Extremity
UQ – Upper Quadrant
US – Ultrasound
UTI – Urinary Tract Infection


VC – Verbal Cue
Vent. – Ventilator
VO – Verbal Order


WB – Weight Bearing
WBQC – Wide Based Quad Cane
WBAT – Weight Bearing As Tolerated
W/C – Wheelchair
WFL – Within Functional Limits
WNL – Within Normal Limits
4WW – Four Wheeled Walker

If we missed any common occupational therapy acronyms, let us know. Leave a comment below.

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