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Faster, Fuller Payment

Today’s reimbursement landscape is a gauntlet of verification, authorization, reporting, claims and appeals. Which makes getting paid a challenge for any practice. And makes Clinicient a great partner. Our INSIGHT platform populates data seamlessly across both clinical and financial functions, minimizing the type of entry error that’s common in other so called “integrated” systems. We also automate critical functions like verification, G-codes and payer rules so claims get paid on first pass, minimizing time-to-payment by 35-40%.

Proving Your Value

Pay-for-performance is becoming a fact of life. Which means providers must prove efficacy of treatment to collect their fair share of bundled payments. Proving patient outcomes requires robust data – not just within your practice, but across your entire field of practice. That’s something Clinicient can deliver in a big way. Our network boasts 6,000 therapists and 144,000 referring physicians across 49 states. Which means you benefit from a collective intelligence that positions you in a world of data-driven decisions.

Collect Every Dollar Playbook

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Reimbursement Trends

As compensation moves from fee-for-service to pay-for-performance, outpatient rehab providers will be required to show outcomes in order to be paid. Outcomes will also be critical if you want to play within new management forms like bundled payments and population health. This new way of measuring care, we believe, will create a wider opportunity for therapists to prove their value -- as long as they have the data to do so. And it’s this data that will make a case for first choice of treatment in large populations like lower back pain and joint replacement. So if emerging challenges in documentation and capitation have you lying awake at night, give us a call. We’ll not only give you a clear picture of how the landscape is shifting, we’ll give you the tools and expertise to navigate that change.