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Why Outcomes Matter

Advance for Physical Therapy & Rehab Medicine, June 22, 2016, By: Jerry Henderson
While rehab specialties are growing professions, they are still widely misunderstood. The public often equates PT with chiropractic or massage and OT with arts and crafts time at the local nursing home.  Payers often perceive us as an interchangeable commodity and seek the lowest bidder for provider contracts. The payer confusion is worsened by practice variability, sporadic use of evidence based clinical guidelines, a lack of standardized terminology for many procedures, and a healthcare system that is modeled to measure illness and injury, not function.

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Top Trends in Management

Advance Healthcare Network for PT and Rehab Medicine, May 9, 2016:
Some of the megatrends we're seeing in healthcare today foretell what the top practice management trends will be in the next year. Read More

Venture Capital Deals

Fortune, March 4, 2014:
Clinicient Inc., a Portland, Ore.-based provider of revenue cycle management software and clinical solutions for outpatient rehabilitation therapy businesses, has raised $15 million in Series C funding from Catalyst Investors. Read More