Continuing education is a big part of being an occupational therapist. But while a lot of your requirements will come in the form of a classroom and test, there are also lots of occupational therapy podcasts to teach you what a textbook won’t.

Podcasts for Occupational Therapists are great resources because they give you insight straight from other OTs. They know the struggles and challenges you face on a daily basis. They’re well acquainted with the demands of your job. And they’re willing to share their experiences, suggestions, and advice that may help you navigate your own career. Plus, you can listen to them atyourconvenience—it’s like one-way networking that doesn’t require you to dress up!

We’ve done the research for you and found ten exceptional OT podcasts that you’ll want to make part of your daily routine.

AOTA Everyday Evidence Podcast

Want to learn and grow in your profession? There’s no better, richer podcast than AOTA’s Occupational Therapy Podcast Channel. Get real research and highlights in an interview format and learn why it’s important to apply it to your practice. The host and guests do an excellent job at providing real-life examples and relevant scenarios that you can translate to your own patient ecosystem. Plus, they have tons of featured guests to give you a well-rounded listening experience.

OT Potential

Can a podcast really help you earn your continuing education credits? You bet it can! The OT Potential podcast is rich in research and other PT insights straight from experts in the field. You can listen to the podcast for free or sign up to join the OT Potential Club to take a test and earn your certificate. The host and her lineup of guests break down the most recent research in occupational therapy into bite-sized pieces, then they share how to apply those findings to your practice. Topics have ranged from pediatric OT to women’s health to payment models and mindfulness. Plus, most episodes are around 10-20 minutes, the perfect amount of time for a morning run or getting ready for your day.

Mind Your OT Business

For OTs that are thinking about branching out on their own, the Mind Your OT Business podcast was made for you. Host Laura Park Figueroa helps OTs bridge the gap from healthcare professional to entrepreneur. With more than 20 years of experience in the field, she shares a myriad of resources that cover all aspects of running a successful business. She also brings a range of guest speakers on the podcast to give you tried-and-true advice from other OTs in the real world.

All Things Sensory

If you’re an occupational therapist that works with special needs patients, you won’t want to miss the All Things Sensory podcast. Hosts Rachel Harrington and Jessica Hill are both Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants who hone in on patients with deep sensory issues and how to overcome these unique challenges. Topics span a wide range, including occupational therapy, nutrition, general health and wellness, and parenting. Their strategies are geared toward parents with children who have sensory issues, such as autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorders, and other special needs. With nearly 200 episodes to date, OTs and caregivers have plenty of food for thought.

Occupational Therapy Insights

Turning complex occupational therapy topics into conversations that are easy to understand is where the Occupational Therapy Insights shines. Hosted by Dr. Frederick Covington, occupational therapy professor, and private practice owner, OTs get raw, honest information from someone who understands their greatest challenges and questions. The show is highly successful, with more than 100 episodes and growing.

OT 4 Lyfe

Another episode-rich podcast, the OT 4 Lyfe podcast offers insights from pediatric OT Sarah Putt. She brings more than ten years of experience in the OT field to her show, along with real-life examples from her own private practice in Los Angeles. She gets extremely candid on her show, talking about her own personal experiences and covering a wide range of topics, including mental health, business, money, continuing education, and insights from other experts in OT.

On The Air

OT educator and practitioner Stephanie Lancaster lends her 25+ years of experience to the On the Air podcast, one of the best OT podcasts you’ll ever listen to. No matter your OT setting, whether you’re running your own practice, working for a hospital, or still in school, you’ll gain plenty of inspiration and points to ponder. She talks about everything from time management as a busy OT to building community partnerships to using technology and so much more. There are new episodes every 1-2 weeks and five years’ worth of content on demand.


So much more than just a catchy title, the Occupied podcast delivers advice and wisdom from half a world away by Brock Cook, an occupational therapist from Australia. Occupied is heavy on expert guests from all areas of OT, including one-on-one conversations with other OTs and entire round table discussions. From lifelong career lessons to client relations to mental health, this collection of interviews usually skews longer than the average podcast episode but is completely worth the listen.

The Working Therapist

With 200+ episodes to date, The Working Therapist podcast brings a wealth of information to professionals in speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy for children. Hosted by Haden Boliek, founder of Pediatric Developmental Therapy, each episode offers helpful insights to therapists, parents, and educators to bring OT principles into the home or classroom.

Burnt Out to Lit Up

Occupational therapists give so much of themselves to others and often leave very little time to care for themselves. Burnout is a common issue for OTs, which is why this podcast might be exactly what you need to reignite your passion. Founded in 2018, hosts Erika del Pozo (OT) and her husband, Michael Frasso (PT), pull double duty in talking about burnout in healthcare professions. They offer creative problem-solving to help you overcome anxiety and frustration so you can maintain your joy for helping others.

Which of these OT podcasts are you most excited to start listening to?


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