Weekly News Scan: Prepping for telehealth, How to encourage greater patient engagement

In this Weekly News Scan, we include a look at a recent study about the positive effects of cardiac rehabilitation, how to encourage greater patient engagement in our current healthcare environment and more. We hope you enjoy!

Nearly 60% of Americans Surprised by Medical Bills They Thought Were Covered, Forbes, August 30, 2018: In the latest sign that Americans don’t understand their medical benefits, a recent survey has found that nearly 60% of Americans have been surprised by a medical bill they thought would be covered. Most of the unexpected costs come from services or providers who not included in the person’s healthcare plan. This goes to show the importance of discussing a patient’s benefits to ensure you will get paid for the care you provide.

Study: Listen to the CPGs – Cardiac Rehab Works, PT in Motion, August 29, 2018: A recent European study is shedding light on the vast benefits of cardiac rehabilitation (CR) following cardiovascular events despite the fact that CR remains significantly underused. The five-year study proves that CR can drop all-cause mortality rates by 50 percent for patients after cardiovascular events and reduce hospitalization and readmission rates; but, there’s a severe lack of education – and support from healthcare policies – around it. Learn more about this study in this article from the APTA.

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Patients interested in telehealth tech, but improvements are key, Patient Engagement HIT, August 29, 2018: Although telehealth adoption in outpatient rehab has been slow, patient interest is growing. Only 23 percent of patients have had a telehealth visit – but 57 percent are interested in trying it. As consumerization and technology continue to leave their mark on healthcare, understanding how physical and occupational therapy can begin educating staff on telehealth is important. Rather than wait until it’s too late, train your therapists now on how to conduct physical therapy telehealth appointments so your clinic is ready to take on virtual care.

Industry Voices: 5 ways to encourage greater patient engagement, FierceHealthcare, August 23, 2018: With the growing number of Americans covered by health savings accounts or high-deductible health plans, patients are demanding more engagement in the healthcare services they consume. A recent survey indicated that 92 percent of consumers feel that providers should make enriching their patient experience a top priority this year. But where do you start? Follow these five actions that will help redefine patient engagement for the next generation.


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