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This course focuses on improving use of the Clinicient Insight system and services. You will learn how to use the system to document efficiently and help support Medicare, maximize patient conversions, improve scheduling and retention and physician communications and manage cases to increase the lifetime value of your relationships. Intended Audience: Clinical Leaders and "Superuser" Therapists 

Mastering the Basics - Learn best practices for clinical documentation along with tips and tools to document more efficiently

Clinical Content Management - Get introduced to the clinical content management system and learn best practices for creating clinical content, including topics and templates 

Optimizing the Client Experience - Learn how to use the Clinicient Insight system to maximize patient conversions, scheduling and retention 

Documenting for Medical Necessity and Medicare Requirements - Learn the anatomy of great documentation and how to create documentation to support Medicare compliance 

Moving to a Value Based Practice - Learn how the transition from fee-for-service to value-based payment models will impact therapy and what you can do now to prepare 

Creating Evidence-Based Clinical Documentation - Learn what evidence-based documentation is, why it is important and how you can use Clinicient products and services to create it



This course focuses on advancing your knowledge on how to use the Clinicient billing system and services. Topics are geared to toward Practice Insight and Insight. You will learn how to use the various features of the application, run reports to improve your metrics and review best practices. Intended Audience: Administrative Leaders, Billing Liaisons and "Superuser" Billers. This track is only open to clients who handle their own billing.

Advanced Insight Billing - Dive into on the latest features and learn how to implement them to optimize your practice billing and collect more

Monthly Insights Reporting - Learn from Clinicient experts how to analyze your monthly Insight reports and gain tips to take back to your practice to improve your metrics

Patient Collections - Learn best practices for collecting patient payments and gain a deeper understanding of the statement review process


This course focuses on improving the ability of your practice to grow and thrive. You will learn best practices for creating the right culture and developing an infrastructure that enables repeatability and scalability. We begin by ensuring your mission, vision and core values are cultivated and aligned with the right processes to enable success. Intended Audience: Owners and Clinic Leadership Team Members

The Power of Purpose - Learn to identify the “why” to drive and differentiate your practice and establish your practice mission, vision and values

Managing Your Time - Work on, instead of in your practice. Learn how to set priorities and make time to set strategy and manage your practice

People and Performance - Learn strategies to recruit, retain, and develop people. Includes job description, performance review, employee incentives templates

Running a Data Driven Practice - Gain advanced training on the critical metrics for a healthy practice and learn how to use data to improve clinical and financial performance

All courses exclusive to Clinicient users, unless noted otherwiese.

" All of my questions surrounding practice ownership were answered, and I came away with a lot more than I was anticipating. From details and metrics, to BIG PICTURE items, I have a fresh new look at my clinic and its culture."

Chelsea French, PT

New Leaf Physical and Massage Therapy

" Having the opportunity to network with other Clinicient practice owners, along with one of its founders, is invaluable and by far the best way to maximize your EMR and practice management knowledge."

Joseph Maccio, PT

Maccio Physical Therapy

" It was everything I was hoping it would be and MORE! Clinicient University helped me to uncover the hidden treasures within the EMR that already exist so that my staff and I can use the program to its fullest potential."

Mattie Frascella

A Step Ahead Physical Therapy

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$150 for each additional seat.

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We host CU at our headquarters in downtown Portland, Oregon. If you're flying into PDX, you can take the MAX Red Line downtown, or hop in a 20 minute taxi/Lyft/Uber. Upon registration we will send an email with details and logistics for your arrival. Click the links below to access our corporate discounted rate at either hotel. Both are just a short walk from our office. Additionally, Airbnb and VRBO are great options to look into!






*OPEN TO THE PUBLIC It is widely accepted that clinical outcomes depend upon great clinical skills, but what about the “relationship-factor”? Have you ever worked with a therapist who had all the rights skills, but whose cx/ns rate was high and outcomes were not good? Or, worked with a therapist whose technical skills were not stellar, but was always busy with patient referrals? The evolving science known as “Patient Relationship Factor” helps explain why. This course focuses on the “Patient Relationship Factor” and explores how all great clinical outcomes and business success depend upon a relationship-centered approach to patients and business. Intended Audience: Therapists, Practice Owners and Staff. Click here to see a course preview. 

Patient Relationship Factor- Get an overview of the evolving science of the "Patient Relationship Factor" and understand the neuroscience of the relationship between patient and provider

Improving Outcomes through Strong Therapeutic Alliances - Learn from a biological perspective, the reasons that a therapeutic alliance creates a foundation for better clinical and business results

Core Values that Support a Relationship-Centered Care Model - Learn the core values that support the Relationship-Centered model of care and how to adopt and apply them in your practice

Putting a Relationship-Centered Culture in Practice - Develop a plan to apply a Relationship-Centered culture in your practice, simple skills to apply to your practice and ways to measure the intervention results

*Please note that a $50 cancellation fee may apply if you do not give at least 5 days notice of cancelling.

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February 7 & 8

May 9 & 10

September 12 & 13

Portland, OR