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Clinicient University: Ongoing Education and Training

Equip your team with the knowledge and skills to master and maximize the power of Clinicient solutions with Clinicient University, a customer exclusive event. Whether it's learning the basics of the platform and our best practices, or learning to use your practice data to drive better clinical and financial outcomes - Clinicient University delivers the right mix of tools and training to boost proficiency in Clinicient solutions to optimize your practice results.

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Questions? Please call 503-416-3034 or email clinicientuniversity@clinicient.com.

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Clinicient University Calendar

  • July 19-20 in Portland
  • October 11-12 in Portland

Choose the educational track that best fits your needs

Track 1: Implement Clinical Workflow Best Practices

Intended for clinical leaders and “Super User” therapists, this track focuses on improving use of the Clinicient EMR system and services. You will learn to better manage clinical content, optimize the patient experience to increase the lifetime value of your relationships, and ensure documentation for medical necessity. Further, as the industry moves toward value based payment, we will discuss value based practice and creating evidence-based clinical documentation to put you and your practice in the best position to take advantage of this industry trend.

Intended Audience: Clinical Leaders and “Superuser” Therapists


Track 2: Running Your Practice

Intended for practice owners, founders, executive teams and management, this track is intended to help you take your practice to the next level. By understanding how to use data to create accountability at every level of the organization, you will be able to define what you ultimately want and drive better results. In this course you will learn from industry leaders with the best practices and proven processes they’ve used to build and grow successful practices.

Intended Audience: Practice owners, founders, executive team and management


Track 3: Optimizing Billing Practices

This course focuses on improving use of the Clinicient billing system and services. Topics are catered toward Practice Insight and Insight. You will learn how to use the various features of the application, run reports to improve your metrics and review best practices. *This course is for our Practice Insight or Insight clients only (clients who handle their own billing).

Intended Audience: Administrative leaders, billing liaisons and "Superuser" billers