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We are big believers in sharing knowledge. Whether it’s through the rules engine of our software, data-driven coaching, Empower presentations or a live webinar. New information generates new behavior that can improve practice performance and the value of therapeutic care. That’s a big reason we get hundreds of people tuning in to our webinars. And for those who can’t attend the live stream we offer every webinar recording on-demand from our Resource Center.


The Building Blocks of a Successful Outcomes Program: The Intermountain Story

With Stephen Hunter, DPT, OCS and Jerry Henderson, PT

Learn why outcomes are here to stay and the simple rules of a successful outcomes program in your practice:

  • How you’re being measured today (whether you like it or not)
  • Top components of a successful PRO system
  • Takeaways from lessons learned at Intermountain
  • How to combine outcomes collection with standard processes to improve care
  • What’s on the horizon for CMS and the fee for service shift

The Building Blocks of a Successful Outcomes Program_ The Intermountain Story (1)

Recorded On: Thursday, June 27th. 2019 from 10am-11am PST

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4 Metrics of Success That'll Boost Your Patient Experience and Profits Webinar

It’s hard to argue the impact your front desk has on the patient experience. From handling initial patient calls to converting referrals, it’s often one of the most impactful roles in a clinic. So how do you deliver a blockbuster patient experience and measure the impact of this experience on your bottom line? Do you even know what metrics to track to signal success? If your answer is no, maybe, or just an exhausted sigh, this webinar is for you.

Join us with a patient experience pioneer, Jerry Durham, DPT, and Clinicient co-founder, Jerry Henderson, PT, to learn four front desk metrics you should be tracking now to set your patient experience and profits on track.


Recorded On: Tuesday, May 28th, 2019 at 10am PST

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