Physical therapist holding ipad
A whole new level of simplicity, speed, and ease. Welcome to InsightGO.


Make your move. It's easier with InsightGO.

Designed for the way therapists work, InsightGO™ delivers simple, smart, and efficient tools enabling you to document completely and compliantly on the go from your preferred device.

The new InsightGO gives you more of what you need when and where you need it. So you can stay focused on what matters most – caring for patients. 

Technology that works for you.

Platform Agnostic

Document using your preferred device, whether it’s a Mac, PC, tablet or phone, and easily access data across all your devices, whether you’re on the exercise floor, conducting a telehealth visit or working in your office.

Browser-Based Capabilities

Leverage the strength of browser-based technologies such as voice-to-text, size adjustments, and accessibility tools.

The information you need is at your fingertips.

Easy to View Patient Information, Cases, and Chart Notes of other Therapists

Have patient information all in one place so you can quickly find attachments, documents, insurance, and demographics while you are documenting.

Open Multiple Chart Notes Simultaneously

Easy to navigate tab interface lets you work on documentation for several patients at the same time, with access to the full chart history for each.

Need to Know Information and Alerts

Stay on top of what is important without having to dig around. Number of days since surgery, precautions, visit time, total in/out units, and minutes are now at your fingertips.

Enhanced Schedule View

Open and view your schedule for the day with just one click and quickly add notes or make changes.

InsightGO overview video thumbnail
Now you can document anywhere, anytime, with any device. Watch this 3-minute video, narrated by Jerry Henderson PT, for an overview of InsightGO.

Keep your team organized and efficient.

Quickly Add Past Fields

Historical information from past visits is visible with one click, reducing the amount of information you need to carry forward visit-to-visit ensuring complete but concise documentation.

Time-Saving Chart Design

A more condensed view with less time clicking and scrolling for faster documentation.

Staff-to-Staff Chat

Easily send messages within the clinic, such as letting therapists know if a patient is running late or that they can take additional time with their current patient.

Goal Status At-a-Glance

Easily see which sections have goals and the status of those goals. Easily set goals on-the-fly as you document.

Getting up to speed has never been easier.

Easy In-App Learning

Get up to speed faster with helpful in-app guidance and tutorials right at your fingertips as you document.

On-the-Fly Patient Navigation

Browsing through past notes for a case a breeze with an intuitive, modern interface.

InsightGO is very easy to use and decreases the amount of time it takes me to document a note.

Amy Prose, PT, OCS, Director of Clinical Quality, Therapy Partners