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Functional Limitation Reporting for therapists made easy.

Functional Limitation Reporting

For better or worse, payment reform is upon us. The functional limitation reporting (FLR) program is just a first step. To get reimbursed, it requires outpatient therapy providers to report functional limitation information on all Medicare patients. The goal? To help Medicare better understand beneficiary conditions, outcomes and expenditures and ultimately prepare for future payment reforms.

Claims without the appropriate reporting will be returned unpaid, adding documentation burdens and putting cash flow at risk. However, knowing what, when and how to complete functional limitation reporting requirements can be confusing and hard to remember. Clinicient simplifies it all.

Our all-in-one system automates, streamlines and enforces functional limitation reporting so it’s easy to comply with FLR reporting requirements for physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech language therapy. It enables you to:

  • Create defensible documentation that includes functional outcomes
  • Ensure consistent documentation, tracking, measurement & reporting
  • Prevent unpaid claims due to missing G-codes and modifiers

Simple Functional Limitation Reporting

Clinicient makes it easy to comply with functional limitation reporting requirements so claims aren’t returned unpaid with:

Simple Guidance for Every Step

A functional limitation reporting wizard, goal tracking tools and chart templates put everything needed for FLR right at therapist’s fingertips as part of their normal workflow. Prompts, alerts and sign-off controls ensure therapists report as required.

Automation to Save Time and Enforce Compliance

Automatic tracking, coding, conversion and reporting of functional limitations make it fast and easy to fulfill reporting requirements.

Nothing Falls Through the Cracks

Our single system for EMR and billing ensures consistent tracking, measurement, documentation and reporting across the course of treatment. This eliminates information gaps that can cause reporting failures and returned claims.

No Unpaid Claims Due to FLR Data

Built-in controls ensure that G-codes and modifiers required for FLR are included on all required Medicare claims automatically so you get paid the first time.

Functional Limitation Reporting Requirements

The Functional limitation reporting program is a CMS data collection project that supports payment reform with outcome based data and requires therapists to report functional limitations through a series of G-codes and severity modifiers in both the medical record and on the claim.

Functional Limitation Reporting Requirements for Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists:

G-codes and modifiers must be included on the claim forms to capture data on the beneficiary’s functional limitations:

  • at the outset of the therapy episode
  • at a minimum every 10th visit
  • at discharge

The therapist’s projected goal for functional status at the end of treatment must be reported on the first claim for services and at the end of the episode. Modifiers must indicate the severity/complexity of the functional limitation.

Functional Limitation Reporting Cheat Sheet

Clear the confusion about Functional Limitation Reporting with our cheat sheets for physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech language pathologists.

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Learn how Clinicient can help you automate and streamline functional limitation reporting with PT Jerry Henderson.