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Stay on top of the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System. Browse the resources below to find timely insights and information. Learn about MIPS participation thresholds, incentives, quality measures, improvement activities ... the basics to set your practice up for success.

Free Webinar: Successfully implement MIPS in your clinic

Take the fear out of MIPS and get ahead of the game for 2020. Hear from a Keet client and practice leader who successfully participated in 2019 and gain a clearer understanding of actionable next steps to ensure your 2020 MIPS success.

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MIPS in 2021: 5 Reasons You Need to Participate

Listen to this on-demand webinar with our President and GM at Keet Health, Holly Taylor, as she discusses the big picture reasons you need to take part in MIPS in 2021, the competitive advantages you can gain, and the risks you run by not participating (hint: 2021 is your last year to do so voluntarily)....