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Clinicient and BetterPT Partner to Provide Enhanced Telehealth Services and Online Patient Scheduling for Rehab Therapists

Partnership provides improved HIPAA compliant telehealth solutions for the delivery of exceptional remote care and improved patient experiences and outcomes
Portland, Ore., September 22, 2020
Clinicient, Inc., a leading provider of clinical, business, and patient engagement solutions for outpatient rehabilitation, today announced it has partnered with BetterPT, an integrated digital healthcare company, to provide enhanced telehealth and online scheduling services for the rehab therapist market.

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Press Release

Clinicient to Acquire Intermountain Healthcare ROMS

Combination of outcomes reporting, patient engagement and therapy-specific EMR enables therapists to unlock the full revenue potential of value-based care.
Portland, Ore., June 26, 2019
Clinicient, Inc., a leading provider of business solutions for outpatient rehabilitation, backed by growth equity firm Catalyst Investors, today announced a definitive agreement to acquire from Intermountain Healthcare the Intermountain Rehab Outcomes Management System (ROMS).

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Press Release

InsightGO Brings Next Generation Clinical Documentation Tools to PT, OT and SLP Outpatient Rehab Market

Designed to help therapists document completely and compliantly by eliminating administrative burdens that get between therapists and patients. 
Portland, Ore., June 13, 2018
Clinicient, Inc., a leading provider of clinical and business solutions for the outpatient rehabilitation market, today introduced Clinicient InsightGO™, the next generation of clinical documentation tools for outpatient rehabilitation providers, bringing greater efficiency and ease-of-use to therapists.

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Systems for Success

IMPACT, May 5, 2018
You say you want to provide exceptional customer service, but do you know what that takes? From Doug Schumann, VP of Client Success, learn the importance of setting a baseline for your clinic metrics and the three main areas of your clinic you should focus on to improve your customer service. Read More
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Don’t Do it My Way

IMPACT, February 2, 2018
When I started my first practice 33 years ago, I did not know what the heck I was doing, yet I was successful. In retrospect, it was the easiest business one could imagine: The barrier to entry was low, and you could be reasonably profitable within months with very little business acumen or planning. Of course, all of that has changed. Read More
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Clinicient Acquires Mobile Patient Engagement Startup Keet Health

HIT Consultant, December 14, 2017
Clinicient, Inc., a provider of business solutions for outpatient rehabilitation has acquired Keet Health, an Austin, TX-based mobile patient engagement platform. The acquisition will expand Clinicient’s solutions with Keet’s mobile patient engagement platform to enable providers to deliver exceptional patient experiences, improve outcomes and reduce costs. Read More
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Clinicient Acquires Keet Health, Patient Engagement Innovator

Rehab Management, December 12, 2017
Clinicient, Inc., has acquired Austin-based patient engagement innovator, Keet, in a deal backed by growth equiety firm, Catalyst Investors. The acquisition aims to enhance Clinicient’s suite of clinical and financial solutions with the addition of Keet Health’s mobile patient engagement platform, according to a media release from Clinicient. Read More
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The Future of Physical Therapy

IMPACT, November 11, 2017
People ask me all the time what I see as the future of physical therapy (PT). On a rainy, early morning while waiting in line at my favorite coffee house, I envision a future where my mocha raspberry Frappuccino is delivered by drone to my patio before I even open my laptop. In this future, politicians and payers aren’t playing whack-a-mole with the health care of the American people; instead, the issue of how to pay for health care has been resolved so everyone can receive and afford the care they need. Read More  
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Burnout and Character

IMPACT, July 7, 2017
When you hear someone say they are burned out, what comes to your mind? I admit that (in my less than empathetic moments) I think, “Oh, come on! You can do this! Get back to work!” My first impulse is to discount the other person’s complaint of burnout, because on one level, my instinct is to assume that “burnout” is just a euphemism for laziness or a lack of character. Read More