Patient engagement has been a rapidly evolving trend in the healthcare industry in recent years. While it might’ve once started as a buzzword, industry experts agree that it has grown into a proven strategy to improve patient outcomes. In fact, some say there is no other initiative that will have such a significant impact on the future of healthcare quality and costs.

Factors such as wearables, telehealth and cost play important roles in how the industry engages with patients and how it will ultimately adopt patient engagement. Take a look below at 15 stats that demonstrate the adoption of patient engagement today and into the future.

How is the industry participating in patient engagement?

  1. 1 in 20 Google searches is for health-related information – that’s 235 million searches every day. – Health IT Outcomes
  2. Over 70% of physicians say patient engagement is a top priority at their organization. – Medical Economics
  3. Physicians born into the Baby Boomers generation are nearly twice as likely as physicians born before their generation to recommend apps to their patients and 3x’s more likely to recommend wearables. – Medscape

What’s the level of engagement?

  1. On average, healthcare leaders and clinicians believe just 34 percent of their patients are highly engaged. – NEJM Catalyst
  2. Nearly three-quarters of patients said that if it was easy to electronically access their own healthcare data, it would improve their understanding of their health and patient-to-physician communication. – HealthMine
  3. To determine the most effective treatment decisions, three-quarters of consumers seek a partnership with their providers. – Deloitte
  4. 1 in 3 consumers wants their provider to push them to be more active in researching and questioning their prescribed treatments. – Deloitte
  5. 42% of Americans feel they would be more likely to follow their prescribed treatment plans if they received encouragement and coaching from their physicians between visits. – Health IT Outcomes

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How about costs?

  1. More than half of respondents believe that effective patient engagement strategies have a major impact on quality of care. 40% believe they have a major impact on cost of care. – NEJM Catalyst
  2. 49% of clinicians see the cost of patient engagement as a hurdle for patient adoption. – NEJM Catalyst

Technology to the rescue

  1. 79% of consumers are more likely to select a provider who allows them to conduct healthcare interactions online, on a mobile device, or at a self-service kiosk. – Medical Economics
  2. With a 98 percent open rate, text messages prove a powerful communication platform. – Mobile Marketing Watch
  3. Video-based telemedicine adoption more than tripled from 7% in 2015 to 22% in 2016. – RockHealth
  4. Mobile-friendly communication is crucial for patient engagement, as people use a mobile device or tablet for over half of their email opens. – Cheetah Digital
  5. Estimates show that there are over 40,000 healthcare apps currently available. Additionally, one in five smartphone users has at least one healthcare app on their device. – STAT News


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