The APTA Move Forward website is filled with inspiring stories about people who have found relief through physical therapy. Multiple stories discuss the benefits physical therapy brought to people after car accidents, athletes sing its praises on getting them back to the top of their game and one patient even found a love for and career in PT after getting treated.

As today is national #GetPT1st day, let’s look at, and advocate for, other options for treating pain. These are our top 5 reasons to get PT first:

  1. If you experience dull, recurring pain: In the best situation, pain typically subsides with rest and ice. When it doesn’t though and the pain recurs during certain activities, PT is just as important as if you experience sharp, acute pain. Without it, the pain will continue to linger and most likely return repeatedly.
  1. If you have a “little injury that will probably go away by itself”: Once reserved for world class athletes, PT is commonly used today for injury prevention. This type of program focuses on treating existing minor injuries in an effort to keep the muscles healthy and build strength and stability to the area of concern.
  1. If you work a desk job and your neck is killing you: Individuals who work at a desk every day are at a higher than normal risk for neck and back issues – in extreme cases it can lead to long term postural problems. In this case, a PT will typically work with you to work out the kinks and also ensure that it doesn’t turn into a long term problem.
  1. If your joints are starting to ache: Due to the nature of Arthritis, PT’s are perfectly positioned to play an important role in managing your symptoms. Their understanding of muscles and joints can greatly assist you in understanding what exercises you should be doing, new ways of moving that will help support your joints rather than tire them and also how to apply ice and heat to help the pain.
  1. If you have a bona fide “serious injury”: This is typically seen as the most common reason to seek out Physical Therapy. In this instance, a PT can help in improving your current condition and reaching your overall goals. In the case that surgery is necessary, PT’s can also help your body prepare for the procedure and make the recovery process easier and improve the efficacy of the procedure.

Check out more reasons here.

The ability to move comfortably and without pain is something that we all treasure. When that freedom and ability is taken away, physical therapy, can help you regain movement. There are always multiple paths to take when you feel pain, but the benefits of physical therapy are clear. We think one should always consider physical therapy first.


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