10 Mobile Apps for Every PT, OT and SLP

Who doesn’t love a good app? They often make our lives easier, more productive and possibly more entertaining. In fact, I was listening to Steve Wozniak at a conference this week, and instead of choosing the Apple II or iPhone as his favorite Apple product, he said the company’s most important invention was the App Store.

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Nowadays, there’s a vast array of apps available for people in the outpatient rehab industry. Here’s our list of ten of our favorites.

Run Cadence PT: This is a great app created by our friends at Lake Washington PT, designed to help runners, coaches, and clinicians apply the simple metric of cadence to running (hint: cadence = steps/minute). Research has shown cadence to play a key role in addressing common running related injuries and this app provides an easy way to help runners reduce their step length and prevent, or even heal, injuries.

Coach’s Eye: Typically used as a video platform for coaches and athletes, PT’s are now using this app as an innovative way to record, review and refine patient’s movements. With it, you can easily improve your patients’ overall movements and provide instant feedback to get them feeling better, faster.

Muscle Premium by Visible Body: This app provides a 3D guide to the anatomy and function of muscles, bones, ligaments, bursae and joints. It’s commonly used as a reference and/or learning app and provides the needed visual aid to make it easier to explain normal function and injuries to patients. This is great for orthopedic specialists, kinesiologists, practitioners of sports medicine, physical therapists, massage therapists, and students.

Evidence in Motion PT Mobile: This app is an evidence-based ‘push’ service that delivers a stream of your favorite PT journals, blogs and news feeds into the palm of your hand. Similar to a service like Feedly, this app allows you to select which publications you’d like to receive updates from and also lets you save all of your favorite articles. One of the top complaints we hear from PT’s is their lack of time to sift through articles, blogs, and research – luckily EIM PT mobile is the answer.

BlueJay Engage: This app is an excellent way to keep engaged with your patients long after their treatment time is up. BlueJay Engage allows patients and therapists to communicate back and forth and even using multimedia messaging as patients continue their course of treatment. As a therapist, you can assign home exercise programs to your patients using a library of videos and assess progress and even adjust the HEP accordingly. The progress graph also provides a good way to monitor patient progress across their plan of care.

Kho Labs: While this app isn’t available yet, it’s definitely one to keep an eye on. Kho specializes in connecting injured athletes with the best therapists in their community. As all great therapists know, spending all of your time figuring out how to market to potential patients isn’t why you got into the business. Kho allows the best PT’s to rise naturally to the top of the list as they save time acquiring new customers, while improving customer retention by maintaining relationships with clients and most importantly, being available to do the job they love.

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Force Therapeutics: Force is a recovery platform app that serves as a very helpful resource in accelerating recovery – primarily from musculoskeletal injury. The app combines remote monitoring and telemedicine to allow physicians to communicate and deliver exercise videos to their patients via an in app messenger. This is a great way to increase patient and physician communication, which can be especially helpful in patients with mobility issues.

PT Timer: Stretch & Exercise: Sure, most phones have their own built in timers these days, but this app is different. PT Stretch consists of a timer, counter, tracker and communication platform that ensures no steps are shorted or missed in your rehabilitation therapy process. It also allows you to share your exercises or routines with notes and images, making it another great communication app for physicians to use with their patients.

Essential Anatomy 5: This app is good for therapists and patients alike. It features a 3D view inside the muscles and bones that make up our bodies. This app can serve as a great tool to understand how our muscles work together and provide a visual of areas you may be targeting to strengthen through therapy. It can also be a useful way for therapists to explain to their patients where exactly the injury lies. Other features of the app include quizzes and a media viewer for those looking for a fun lesson in anatomy.

Instant Heart Rate: This app, made by Azumio, is the first mobile heart rate monitor. It works to track your heart rate during fitness. The app includes a slider that communicates the target heart rate for your age during different levels of activity, ranging from resting to athletic elite. Another perk resides in the detailed analytics as the app tracks your heartbeat every day to identify trends and monitor differences.  If our word isn’t enough, know that Instant Heart Rate by Azumio is also used by a variety Olympic athletes and professional bodybuilders.

Note: This blog was originally published in two parts in June 2016 and has been updated for the current day.

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