With each day comes new information and new directives related to the COVID-19 virus. This pandemic has fundamentally changed day to day life around the world and for each of us individually.  At times it feels we are bearing the weight of the world as we strive to prioritize our loved ones while still managing our business.  We are focused on the following areas to help you, your patients and your business:

Clinicient Industry Town Hall

  • During this crisis, we will be hosting “town hall” meetings to provide all of you with updates on our efforts, share any other current information and answer your questions.
  • In addition, we have completed multiple webinars on management strategies for this crisis. Links to those recordings can be found on the COVID-19 Resource Center.

Telehealth and E-Visits

  • In response to the COVID-19 crisis, payers and government agencies are making rapid, disruptive changes in rules and requirements. These changes affect documentation standards, charge aggregation rules, claims requirements, electronic data interfaces, and HIPAA compliance standards.  This is a brief summary of our progress in supporting these disruptive changes.
  • Medicare E-Visits: This past Tuesday, CMS extended the ability to use “e-visits” for remote therapy. Supporting e-visits requires fairly complex changes in billing rules, updates in HCPCS codes, and use of appropriate modifiers. The system can support these requirements, but it is a complex setup. Our engineering teams are in the process of writing automated scripts to update all of our client databases with the required setup.
  • Commercial Payer Telehealth: Commercial payers are changing their stance on use of telehealth for rehab providers. Telehealth requirements vary from payer to payer. Supporting telehealth requires changes in application logic and a new release. The coding for that release is complete and is currently being tested by our Quality Assurance organization.

Home-Based Visits

  • We know that strategies for virtual care are helpful but aren’t a panacea. Many of your patients still need your hands-on care but have been advised to stay home.  Using InsightGO® for home-based visits is a viable option for selected patients.  All clients have now been provided access to the newest version of InsightGO v2.  We will continue to provide additional updates and feature improvements, but we think you will find significant advantages in InsightGO for mobile care with this newest release.

Patient Engagement

  • To ensure that we are helping you stay in contact and continue progress with your patients during this time, all Clinicient clients can receive key features of Keet including home exercise, education, and provider to patient communications for free through the end of June. For more information, please visit https://www.keethealth.com/keet-for-covid/.


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