Children born today are the first generation to be born into a fully tech-driven world. Although many people use apps for entertainment or personal reasons, teaching is often (and successfully) done through tablet or phone apps, too. And health care has caught onto the trend – especially in relation with rehabilitation and treatment.

We have been researching the top Occupational Therapy apps for both children and parents. Here is the list we have compiled separated into skill sections.

Are there any we missed? Let us know in the comments!

Cognition Skills

Brainwell – Brain Training & Memory Games for Free
Brainwell is an application that actually develops a training program in order for you to sharpen your cognition and memory. Logon every day to give your brain an exciting daily workout and also challenge your cognitive abilities. This app contains 50 different games trained to target certain parts of the brain and is meant for both kids and adults.

Fine Motor and Handwriting Skills

Dexteria – Fine Motor Skill Development
Dexteria is described as a “therapeutic tool” that improves fine motor skills and handwriting in both children and adults. The app creates performance reports that can be emailed, which can be especially useful for occupational therapists. Additionally, they offer apps related to improving math concepts and spatial reasoning that are all easy to use and fun to play.

Dexterity and Hand-Eye Coordination Skills

Color Dots – Infant Baby’s Starter Game Popping Bubbles
This application features colorful bouncing dots that are ready to pop. This game is specifically meant to improve hand-eye coordination, but also improves mental stimulation through engagement. Created by a father to help other toddlers practice visual tracking, eye hand coordination, response time, and finger dexterity, this app is a can’t miss for OT patients and their parents.

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Self-Care and Hygiene Skills

Choiceworks is a visual schedule-builder that is meant to teach children necessary daily routines such as showering and brushing your teeth, but it also teaches children how to be patient and control their feelings through the use of countdown timers. This application was created in coordination with child development specialists and leading hospitals and offers limitless customizations to create the perfect app for your child.

Bonus App For Parents and Childhood Development

Daily Vroom
This application is said to turn “everyday moments into brain building moments.” This application generates a daily brain-building activity every day, which also contains the background behind the activity and how it is connected with brain development. The app is perfect for parents or caregivers to nurture their children’s growing minds during their early years.


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