Podcasts have been a thing since MySpace was cool. But until recently, the podcast landscape didn’t cater much to the physical therapist. Luckily, times have changed, and more physical therapy professionals are sharing their stories, insights, and business tips “on air.” And boy, are we feeling inspired!

We tried to stick to a typical Top 10 list when choosing our favorite PT podcasts, but that proved harder than getting 100% patient compliance. So, we bent the rules and chose 11.

Here are our top 11 podcasts (in no particular order) for all things physical therapy to inspire your day.

1. APTA Podcasts

Naturally, the American Physical Therapy Association has its own podcast, and there’s no better or more reliable source of information. Perfect for when you’re exercising or traveling to or from the clinic, the APTA podcast covers everything from PT education to new research and studies, outpatient therapy rehab, and even business improvement tips. If you’re a physical therapist, PT assistant, or PT student, this podcast was made for you!

2. Psyched Up PT Podcast

Yes, we know PTs are a rare breed and get excited over the smallest nuggets of physical performance intel. But that’s because you care so much about your patients and their success in reclaiming their quality of life! The Psyched Up PT Podcast caters to that energy by exploring all aspects of healthcare as it relates to performance psychology. Hosted by John Woolf, PT, MS, ATC, the podcast is relatively new, but it’s already showcased guest speakers with lengthy lists of credentials to share their stories, research findings, and business know-how.

3. Evidence in Motion Podcast

Physical therapists (and their patients) thrive on more than just theoretical knowledge. You expect hard, cold evidence to support your practice and get your patients the best outcomes. The Evidence in Motion podcast cares about evidence just as much as you do and shares it with you in podcast form. Hear from a range of guest experts as they cover everything from research to practice leadership.

4. The PTJ Podcast

Straight from the Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Journal, the PTJ podcast engages and inspires with author interviews, clinical applications, research, and the future of physical therapy. PTJ is one of the most esteemed publications in the field, serving as a guiding light for PTs to improve patient care and outcomes.

5. The PT Marketing Power Hour

Physical therapists are in the people business. They spend their entire careers caring for others and helping them achieve greatness. But let’s be honest, no PT practice can thrive without marketing. Your marketing is your chance to differentiate your clinic, highlight your expertise as a physical therapist, and show patients why they should trust you with their livelihood. That’s why the PT Marketing Power Hour is so valuable. As PTs, we need to know marketing about as well as we need to know outpatient rehab therapy, for example. During this podcast, you’ll hear about marketing ideas, tips, and practices that have actually been put to the test in PT clinics (and work!). It might be one of the most enriching hours of your week.

6. Physio Edge Podcast

Host David Pope, PT, has a knack for inspiring even the busiest physical therapists to slow down and savor some food for thought. Much of Pope’s content revolves around sports medicine and treating sports-related injuries. But even PTs that don’t specialize in sports injuries can take something away from a range of clinical topics and treatments.

7. AAOMPT Podcast

Sponsored by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists (AAOMPT), this podcast is heavy on interviews with professionals who have shared their expertise in publications, research efforts, presentations, and other outlets. It’s like getting a daily dose of research that would have taken you hours to search for and piece together on your own. 

8. The [P]rehab Audio Experience

As the old saying goes, prevention is the best medicine. No one emphasizes this more than the [P]rehab Guys as they focus on preventative care for the average listener. They’re geared toward the general public rather than PT professionals, covering topics that help people take more control over their own health. But that’s also part of being a physical therapist—working with your patients to prevent future injuries and helping them achieve a better quality of life. Gain bite-sized pieces of wisdom to share with your patients.

9. The Healing Pain Podcast

Hosted by the Integrated Pain Science Institute, the Healing Pain podcast focuses on highly specific topics with deep-dive insights. You won’t find any general information here. Instead, podcast guests talk about everything from lowering the risk of opioid use after knee replacement to building resilience for people with pain to PTSD and more. Rich insights come from well-vetted and well-respected experts in all disciplines of physical therapy.

10. The Level Up Podcast

If you could summarize the entire purpose of physical therapy, it could be to help patients “level up” their lives by getting out of pain. That’s exactly the premise that the Level Up Podcast was founded on. Guest experts talk about some of life’s greatest core values (passion, growth, service, progression, and abundance) and how PT can help their patients achieve universal greatness through their programs of care. It’s one of the most inspiring and actionable podcasts on this list, and it deserves a listen.

11. Physio Matters

There’s nothing like musculoskeletal education to perk the ears of a PT professional. The Physio Matters podcast is made by physical therapists for physical therapists. For nearly a decade, the podcast team has stayed on top of research and advancements in MSK health and wellness, using evidence-based reforms and connecting with other top PT professionals to share their insights, experiences, and no-BS wisdom. 


Truth time: which of these physical therapy podcasts are your must-listens? Which ones are you most excited to add to your weekly podcast lineup? And did we miss any podcasts that deserve a shoutout? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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