Being a speech-language pathologist is a passion-driven career. It’s one where you expect to wake up excited to serve others and go to bed at night feeling fulfilled. But SLPs know that this isn’t always the case. No matter how much you love your job, you can also feel lost, helpless, burned out, and uncertain of how to overcome specific challenges.

That’s why listening to a speech therapy podcast can be so beneficial. It helps you maintain your passion for helping people, learn from their experiences, fill in your own knowledge gaps, and feel confident in serving others.

We’ve done the research for you and found ten of the best speech therapy podcasts out there. Here they are—and the reasons why we love them!

SLP Full Disclosure

Made for SLPs by SLPs, SLP Full Disclosure covers a range of educational and entertaining topics. Hosts Jennifer Martin MS, CCC-SLP, and Alyssa Hunter MA, CCC-SLP, interview experts to talk about all things related to speech-language pathology. They keep it light and entertaining so that it feels more like listening to a conversation than reading a textbook. They also provide empowerment tools, such as goal-setting ideas, help with creating patient treatment plans, and even teletherapy tips!

SLP Coffee Talk

Working in a school setting isn’t for the faint of heart. That’s why SLP Coffee Talk makes a great companion to your career. It’s designed specifically for the school-based SLP, with lots of tips, ideas, and strategies you can use to work with children. It helps you simplify planning and feel confident about your sessions with young clients. Hear from other school-based SLPs who understand the challenges you face every day and learn how they navigate those same complexities.

Keys for SLPs

From working with children to supporting adults with disabilities, the Keys for SLPs podcast focuses on helping clients at every stage of life. Hosted by Mary Beth Hines, MS, CCC-SLP, COM, QOM, this speech therapy podcast shares insights from experts and practitioners to help you thrive in your role. Learn practical strategies, the latest research, and other useful information to become the best SLP you can be. In addition to the podcast, each episode comes with an audio course registered for 0.1 ASHA CEU.

Speechie Side Up

Ever wonder what other SLPs are doing in their careers? Host Venita Litvack introduces listeners to a range of guest SLPs who are excited to share their experiences and what keeps them passionate and motivated. This is a great resource for SLPs who may be feeling burnt out at work due to ongoing work demands or even life outside of their careers.

Private Practice Success Stories

For SLPs that work in a private practice setting (or have considered making the switch), the Private Practice Success Stories podcast pulls back the curtain on what it’s like. Host Jena Castro-Casbon, MS CCC-SLP, and creator of The Independent Clinician and The Private Practice Solution, is part of a group of private practitioners that maintain high standards for client care. If you’ve ever felt like too much administrative red tape and politics get in the way of client care, this podcast is for you. That’s why Jena joined the private practice world in the first place—so she can skip productivity requirements, limiting restrictions, and unnecessary admin and focus on what she does best. She and her guests talk about a range of topics, from setting their own schedules to working on their own terms.

SLP Now Podcast

For a rich podcast that cuts through the noise and focuses on practical, actionable advice, you’ll want to add the SLP Now Podcast to your must-listen list. School-based-SLP-turned-research-nerd Marisha McGrorty gets candid about her speech pathology tips, along with experts who are willing to answer the questions you submit. The podcast also counts as continuing education, with each episode worth .1 ASHA CEUs upon completion of the PodCourse

Swallow Your Pride

This speech therapy podcast is tailored specifically to SLPs whose patients suffer from swallowing disorders. This is a specialized area of speech therapy that requires a deeper dive into its many challenges and circumstances. Some of the topics are a bit controversial, but they’re important to talk about to get to the root of problems and talk about evidence-based treatments that may benefit your own patients.

SLP Happy Hour

Much like a conversation with friends that “get” you, the SLP Happy Hour is designed to provide a fun, friendly atmosphere while talking the real talk. It’s a chance to unwind and let go of the chaos of the day. Discover how to reduce the stress in your role, learn from others’ failures, and know, above all else, you’re not alone. A calmer SLP is a more effective SLP!

The Speech Space

Busy SLPs do well enough to keep up with their schedules. But having a full caseload doesn’t leave much room to come up with new ideas. That’s why The Speech Space’s Jesica Cassity is willing to let you borrow a few from her and her guests. Get real tips and other resources from SLPs working in private practices or school systems and bring some fresh ideas to every session.

Learn with Less

Author, singer, and mother of two, Ayelet Marinovich, M.A., CCC-SLP, developed this podcast for parents, teachers, and caregivers of infants and toddlers. Get evidence-based research in a conversational format about all things early childhood and early parenthood. Get expert insights on baby development and how to play with your baby to support their speech and other developmental milestones. It’s not easy navigating the earliest years of a child’s life, but this speech therapy podcast helps parents and other caregivers feel confident in their role. From music to playtime, you don’t need much to learn other than an open mind and a desire to thrive!

Which of these podcasts are you most excited to start listening to? Keep learning, growing, and serving!


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