At Clinicient, we love helping our industry and clients grow, so when we can share some tips and tricks to scaling and growing your private practice, we are happy to share the wealth.

What’s the first step to growing and scaling your practice? If you’ve asked yourself this before but don’t know where to start, these fives resources below are for you. We promise you’ll be on your way to success and expansion in no time.

  • Blog: Three Mistakes that are Killing Your Practice – Let this blog be your starting point for growing your practice. From our VP of Client Success (see his webinar below too), these three mistakes are what we see hinder growth and success the most and should absolutely be corrected before you look to expand your business. If you feel your practice isn’t running optimally, focus on improving these metrics before considering to grow.
  • Blog: Six Essential Metrics to Watch When Growing Your Practice – Once you feel you’re running optimally, these six metrics will help kick start your path to growth. Learn about how to best track therapist efficiency, your customer satisfaction, vacancy rate and more and how these all factor into scaling your practice.
  • Blog: Five High Impact Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Practice – Marketing your practice is essential to growing your business. Even more important though is knowing which marketing tactics are effective and will get you the most bang for your buck. In this blog, find five high impact marketing tactics for your practice like how to get involved in community activities and what you should really pay attention to on social media.
  • Infographic: How Marketing Savvy Are You? – Created from an industry wide survey we held, this infographic looks at what marketing tactics therapists and practice owners use to promote their practice and which ones they find to be the most effective. Download it to learn how you stack up with your marketing efforts and what you might be missing out on.
  • Webinar: How to Use Metrics to Grow Your Practice – Last but not least, don’t miss this webinar that dives even deeper into how to use metrics to successfully grow your practice. Hosted by our VP of Client Success, Doug Schumann, and Clinicient client, John Woolf, learn how to increase revenue, win new patients, and prepare for long-term growth. Watch the on-demand recording here.


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