Leading Bay Area outpatient rehabilitation provider reports dramatic financial improvement after switching to fully automated clinical, financial, and revenue cycle management (RCM) solution
PORTLAND, Ore., May 3, 2016

Clinicient Inc., a leader in outpatient rehabilitation business solutions, today announced that Physical Therapy Innovations (PTI) of Oakland, Calif., has successfully upgraded to the Company’s Total INSIGHT fully automated clinical, financial, and RCM solution, and has already begun to see immediate ROI.

A Clinicient Practice INSIGHT customer since December 2014, PTI chose to upgrade to Total INSIGHT’s analytics and services solution. Their goal was to automate two-thirds of the care delivery chain’s manual processes, which can delay reimbursement and encroach on therapists’ time with patients. Since personalized face-to-face interaction with every patient is important to PTI, the practice saw automation as a way to simultaneously improve the quality of care while reducing administrative costs.

After comparing their first seven months on Total INSIGHT with their first seven months on Practice INSIGHT, PTI found that they stood to realize a $50,000 revenue increase over the course of the year. This achievement is consistent with other new Total INSIGHT customers, who increased their revenue by 13.8 percent on average since Total INSIGHT’s commercial launch in January 2015.

“With any practice-wide transition, there is usually a degree of anxiety and troubleshooting associated with the on-boarding process. However, I’m pleased that our migration to Total INSIGHT was initially devoid of these types of problems,” said Allen Ling, MPT, OCS, owner of Physical Therapy Innovations. “The positive response from both our therapists and administrative staff has been great to witness, as we experienced minimal disruption while achieving a heightened understanding of how our practice is performing. We believe that the last four months of discovered revenue have demonstrated that Clinicient can keep us viable in the private practice business, and their tools have given us the clinical freedom to truly deliver patient-centered care.”

PTI’s financial achievements validate Clinicient’s position that – with rapid changes in healthcare regulations and reimbursement – software alone is not enough to ensure practices are being paid every dollar rightfully owed to them. PTI used Total INSIGHT’s unique combination of integrated software, process automation, and business coaching in order to increase practice revenue by 8-12 percent, decrease operating costs 10 percent, and minimize the time to collect by 30 percent. Total INSIGHT customers work with a dedicated team of Total INSIGHT clinical, billing, and collection professionals who coach therapy practices to use advanced analytics and automation to keep therapy schedules full, bill visits completely and compliantly, and get paid every dollar they rightfully earned.

“We’re proud that PTI was not only able to successfully transition to Total INSIGHT, but also discover and capture additional revenue streams that were previously unavailable,” said Rick Jung, CEO and chairman of Clinicient. “We know there is a large amount of uncertainty when discussing software transitions on a practice-wide level, but hopefully PTI’s measurable success will be able to encourage others to make the migration to Total INSIGHT. We’re thrilled that PTI’s leadership team has been able to put our solutions to such good use, and look forward to working together to help them reach even higher levels of success, both financially and clinically, as we progress further into 2016.”

About Physical Therapy Innovations
Established in 1989 by founder Allen Ling, Physical Therapy Innovations is a private outpatient physical therapy practice specializing in orthopedic, neurological dysfunctions, and sports injuries. PTI’s professional team offers land-based physical therapy in three convenient locations: El Cerrito, Orinda and Oakland. Their Aquatic physical therapy program occurs off-site at the Albany Pool. Two of the clinics are equipped with gym facilities. Additionally, the El Cerrito clinic offers an independent gym program and wellness center.

About Clinicient
Founded in 2004, Clinicient helps outpatient rehabilitation therapy businesses optimize their clinical and financial operations from patient to payment, through a combination of cloud-based EMR, practice management and revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions. By combining its process automation technologies with expert professional services, such as data-driven practice management coaching, Clinicient enables thousands of therapists across the United States to deliver more effective clinical outcomes, and maximizes their collection of nearly $1 billion in payments annually. Clinicient is headquartered in Portland, Oregon; for more information call (877) 312-6494 or visit http://www.clinicient.com or follow Clinicient on Twitter @Clinicient.


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