Changes in the healthcare industry driven by Covid-19 have resulted in the immediate need for therapy practices to provide expanded services through the use of new technologies. These changes require that therapists have the right tools to deliver HIPAA compliant virtual treatment, ensuring successful outcomes for their patients as they adjust to remote care.

Through our new partnership with BetterHealthcare’s BetterAccess, Clinicient makes it easy to offer your patients secure telehealth services and convenient online patient scheduling. Telehealth technology allows virtual therapy appointments via HIPAA compliant video conferencing using a home computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The benefits of using BetterAccess, an integrated solution with our Insight EMR, include:

  • Easy, streamlined scheduling to reduce the number of phone calls and the amount of time required to schedule appointments.
  • Automated appointment reminders to reduce no-shows and help patients follow their plan of care.
  • User-friendly, intuitive mobile tools to improve patient access throughout their course of care.

How does BetterAccess Improve Patient Experience?

Together, Clinicient and BetterAccess are uniquely positioned to deliver the technology and services that enable therapy providers to maintain care continuity with patients from the safety and comfort of their homes or offices. Patients enjoy taking advantage of the following features:

  • Accessibility across web and mobile devices.
  • Online scheduling tools for both in-clinic as well as virtual appointments.
  • Appointment reminders through email and text.
  • Video capability to connect seamlessly for a more personal experience.
  • Screen sharing capabilities to enhance sessions with exercise or treatment images and video.

You want your clinic to be equipped with the right tools to continue to thrive with greater success than before and to continue to improve the patient experience in an everchanging environment without sacrificing the quality of care.

For patients, establishing a routine with their treatments is necessary. This partnership with Clinicient will help ensure that their customers are able to provide that continuity of care. Through our integrated healthcare platforms, physical therapy clinics are able to easily incorporate virtual services into their patient’s course of care ensuring the delivery of physical therapy and other types of services does not decrease, especially during these unprecedented times.

Greg Peters, CEO, BetterHealthcare

To learn more about how you can use digital tools to advance your business during COVID and beyond, please schedule a demo or contact us directly at or 877.252.4774.


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