The word is finally out! We are so excited to announce the launch of InsightGO, the next generation of clinical documentation tools for outpatient rehabilitation providers.

InsightGO delivers a modern, intuitive experience that enables users to complete their daily tasks more quickly. We developed our new mobile-friendly interface with the therapist-patient relationship in mind, based on extensive input from our clients and beyond. With an easier, more accessible documentation tool, therapists can spend more time with patients and continue to deliver an exceptional patient experience.

therapist using InsightGO

InsightGO Highlights

InsightGO documentation tools help therapists document completely and compliantly, on-the-go, and eases the administrative burdens that get between therapists and patients. Plus, InsightGO automatically syncs with your existing Insight service, making the transition from the exercise floor to the office seamless. Other highlights include:

  • A mobile-friendly, browser-based interface offering anytime, anywhere access on tablets, smartphones, PC, and Mac® (no app download required)
  • Easy, on-the-go, HIPAA-compliant charting at the point-of-care
  • New streamlined workflows for PT, OT, and SLP documentation
  • Built-in “walk me” training tool for new therapists
  • Built-in staff chat for cross-functional communication
  • Faster browsing speeds, the latest feature releases, and a more optimized user experience than classic Insight services

InsightGO elevates our single system for EMR and billing, building upon the already robust functionality that helps users work more simply and efficiently. Whether the reimbursement model is fee-for-service or part of the transition to value-based care, the ability to efficiently deliver quality care is becoming more critical than ever to both the clinical and financial success of therapy practices. With InsightGO, we’re delivering the easy tools and fast performance to help clinicians be rewarded for great care.

– T. Kent Rowe, CEO of Clinicient

Product Roadmap

Now you might be saying to yourself, documentation tools are great but what about scheduling tools, reporting capabilities, and the rest of what makes a clinic run? Fear not. The InsightGO platform will be introduced in phases based on the user experience and practice role. The component being rolled out today is designed to improve the therapist experience with simple, smart, and streamlined documentation tools.

As part of the InsightGO platform, the new therapist documentation tools will be followed by intuitive tools for the front desk staff and practice administrators to enhance their user experience, empower them to be more productive, and free them up to deliver a more meaningful patient experience.

Schedule a Demo to Learn More

To learn more about InsightGO and how your clinic can benefit from a streamlined EMR system, contact our team to schedule a demo today.


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