Client Executives are the pulse of our organization – they are responsible for promoting best in class revenue cycle management services for our clients, and work cross-functionally to ensure expectations are met, both within our walls and our client’s practices. Our Client Executives are also responsible for coaching our clients to success and have a unique understanding of what makes a practice thrive.

Today, we are spotlighting Kaytlin Hennessey, one of Clinicient’s Client Executives. Each month, we will be speaking with an individual in this role to discuss trends they are seeing emerge within the physical therapy industry as well as what makes up a healthy practice.

Kaytlin HKaytlin Hennessey

Originally from Bend, Oregon, Kaytlin began working at Clinicient in 2014. Kaytlin says her role as a Client Executive is all about identifying issues and opportunities to grow, and coming up with personalized plans to get practices to where they need to be. It is very similar to what therapists do with their patients, but instead, she is on the business side.

Kaytlin’s favorite part about being a Client Executive is being able to work with a diverse group of clinics, all of which have their own personality, strengths and long term goals. She enjoys being able to offer an outside view point during her coaching calls and enjoys a challenge – especially when she’s able to identify the root cause of a problem for a practice.

We’ve seen many trends recently develop in the physical therapy industry and one Kaytlin is seeing in healthy practices is proactive case management. Practices that track referrals have a better understanding of the health of their practice – and therefor are better able to implement improvements where necessary. With proper case management, practices also have access to data surrounding top referral sources and are able to gain insight into the accessibility of appointments in their clinic and tailor marketing efforts where needed.

Another trend Kaytlin observes in most healthy practices is the presence of a strong team mentality amongst staff. Owners of practices embodying this trait are engaged and proactive in building a high functioning team – not just among the therapists, but also with staff throughout the practice. They coach their practice to success and make sure to close the loop on all communications.

Look out during the month of July as we profile another member of our Client Executive team. Want more info on Clinicient and how our Client Executives can help you? Contact us today.


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