Client Executives are the pulse of our organization – they are responsible for promoting best in class revenue cycle management services for our clients, and work cross-functionally to ensure expectations are met, both within our walls and our client’s practices. Our CEs are also responsible for coaching our clients to success and have a unique understanding of what makes a practice thrive.

teresa hughesToday, we are putting the spotlight on Teresa Hughes, a longtime health care veteran and Clinicient Client Executive. Each month, we will be speaking with an individual in this role to discuss trends they are seeing emerge within the physical therapy industry as well as what makes up a healthy practice.

Teresa, describe yourself and your background with us.

I have worked over 10 years in the Healthcare Industry in both California and Oregon, holding various positions in management. Before joining Clinicient, I was the Executive Director of a large Assisted Living community in Oregon. Prior to becoming the Executive Director, I also spent several years as the Business Office Manager of various Assisted Living communities. My background is in operations, personnel management, and collections.

What’s your favorite part about being a Client Executive?

My favorite part of being a Client Executive is working collaboratively and partnering with our clients. Working with them allows me to dive into their clinic performance and then make recommendations and changes to improve their overall performance. I sincerely enjoy watching a practice grow and seeing the direct positive impact of our changes.

Why did you choose to work at Clinicient?

I chose to work at Clinicient because I understand the vital need for clinics to have a solid EMR/Revenue Cycle Management system that they can efficiently document in. Our system assists with maintaining compliance with the rules of specific payers and enables them to be successful in getting bills paid, on time. I believe we provide help in compliance, but also so much more, and it is exciting to be part of such an innovative company.

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What three trends are you seeing in the outpatient rehab industry?

  1. Focusing on patient outcomes is becoming increasingly more important to payers.
  2. Insurances are placing more emphasis on physical therapy being a first treatment option.
  3. Clinic owners are proactively monitoring data to improve systems overall and to effectively coach staff to better performance.

What’s one piece of information you’d like every outpatient rehab practice to have?

It is vital that they have a policy in place to establish how they will manage collecting patient balances from the patient. Share with the patient the requirements for payment at the start of the visit. Setting the expectations with the patient and empowering staff to make arrangements with patients as needed, will improve successful collection overall.

Which of the nine critical metrics is your favorite and why?

My favorite is the First Pass Payment rate, because you can quickly identify if there is an issue with claims processing on the first attempt, as well as measure how accurate the information is that is being provided in the system. Identifying if there is an accuracy issue and providing coaching, can directly improve the results of this number, keeping the clinic on track for getting paid in a timely manner.

What do you enjoy doing outside of the office?

Outside of the office, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, traveling when able and checking out local events. One of the reasons I love Portland is there is never a lack of activities, such as cultural festivals as well as events that feature amazing local foods, beers, and wine.

What do most of your clients not know about you that would surprise them?

Most of my clients do not know I am a huge football fan. I root for the Seattle Seahawks and play in a fantasy football league. I am also the proud auntie to four nieces and two nephews.

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