Expanded integration brings seamless communication between systems and enhanced workflow efficiency for outpatient rehab therapy teams.  

Portland, OR (July 13, 2021) – Clinicient ’s Insight, a market-leading rehab therapy platform that unifies clinical data, practice management tools, and revenue cycle expertise to accelerate organizational growth, and BetterHealthcare, an integrated digital healthcare company that connects physicians, patients, and therapy clinics, are announcing their next generation software integration. This new enhancement enables bi-directional integration between the software partners, allowing for real-time syncing of patient information and scheduling availability between BetterHealthcare’s patient platform, BetterAccess, and Clinicient’s Insight EMR and scheduling platform. 

“This latest development is a pivotal step in providing a seamless integration between our client’s Insight platform and the BetterAccess platform,” said Clinicient CEO, T. Kent Rowe. “As we’ve continued to develop our partnership over the past year, clients have reported increased patient satisfaction with remote care offered through BetterAccess. Our new bi-directional integration will provide further improvement to the patient experience and our clients’ workflow, particularly for front desk personnel.” 

The bi-directional integration will automate patient intake and new appointment creation, allowing for more efficient front desk processes and reduced risk for duplicated or double-booked appointment slots. The integration further streamlines the patient process, enabling access to online scheduling via a trackable QR code or URL. Patients will be able to schedule both in-person and telehealth appointments through this integration, and clinics will only need to verify the submitted information before the patient’s visit. 

“We understand successful outpatient rehab therapy relies heavily on the relationship between the patient and provider,” said Greg Peters, BetterHealthcare’s CEO. “While our initial partnership with Clinicient brought remote care to patients and providers during the COVID-19 crisis, our latest integration further improves patient access and the clinic experience with our services.” 


About Clinicient  

Clinicient, an industry-leading outpatient rehab therapy platform, simplifies care delivery for PT, OT, and SLP clinics with one all-in-one platform designed to optimize workflows, improve outcomes, and increase revenue.  

Committed to elevating rehab therapy to its rightful place in the healthcare ecosystem, Clinicient is laser focused on maximizing the workflow efficiencies that deliver better outcomes. Helping teams work smarter, not harder, with a fully integrated platform including EMR, Billing, Patient Engagement, Outcomes Management, RCM, Patient Management, and Advanced Reporting and Business Intelligence tools, all working together to help grow and scale organizations while improving financial performance. For more information visit www.clinicient.com.   

About BetterHealthcare 

BetterHealthcare is a software technology company committed to redefining access to healthcare by providing end-to-end digital connectivity between providers and patients. With its interoperable, EMR compatible, HIPAA-compliant BetterAccess platform, BetterHealthcare supports all digital access touchpoints from the patients’ first step and throughout their healthcare journey from acquisition, intake, communication, and provision of care. From seeking treatment to determining coverage, to securing an appointment, each step presents some form of friction that BetterHealthcare can eliminate. For more information, please visit BetterHealthcare.co or follow them on FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter. 


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